• Outdoor

    Whether you are in the market for patio furniture, a new grill, or firepit, Hearth, Stove and Patio is proud to offer the very best in outdoor living products on the market.


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  • Fireplaces & Inserts

    HI400For the last few decades, the fireplace has become more of an aesthetic addition to a home. However, recent technological advancements have made wood-burning fireplaces very efficient heaters.

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    Ventis Wood Fireplace ME300
  • Wood Stoves

    The modern wood burning stove is the ultimate in clean-burning, efficient wood heat. A quality wood-burning stove will offer many hours of heat with just one arm load of firewood.

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  • Hearth Products

    We carry a wide assortment of fireplace and wood stove accessories. From toolsets and screens, to steamers and rugs, we offer the very best quality hearth accessories from the top brands like Woodfield, Devil Watt, Pearl Mantles, Eco Fan and many more.

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  • Gas Logs

    For those who do not wish to bother with firewood but want a cozy fire in the fireplace, gas logs are a great option.

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  • Chimney

    We carry only the best quality Ventis-brand chimney and stove pipe. All of our class A chimney, stove pipe, and custom chimney caps are manufactured by Olympia Chimney and backed by their Forever Warranty.


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