Steel Stoves

Steel stoves are know as the traditional choice of wood burning heaters in America. Ever since the rise in popularity of wood stoves back in the 1970s, steel stoves have evolved from large black boxes into highly efficient heaters. Now steel stoves have large glass doors and have other options such as gold or nickel legs and trim.
Quality made steel stoves will last a lifetime. They may be more economical than cast iron or soapstone stoves but no less efficient. From small steel stoves that heat 800 sq ft up to massive heaters that heat 3000+ sq ft. Many large stoves heat up to 12 or more hours on a single load of firewood!

One benefit of Steel Wood Stoves is they heat up quickly to heat up an area quickly. Their surface temperatures get hot enough to have a reliable cooking surface too.

We carry all the top brands of Steel Stoves like Buck Stove, Osburn, Timber Wolf and many others. Some of our Steel Wood Stoves qualify for free shipping and we install in north Georgia and portions of North and South Carolina. Come visit our Wood Stove showroom in Northeast Georgia.