Pellet Stoves

Pellt stoves are a great option for those who love wood burning stoves but do not like the hassle of splitting, stacking, and storing firewood. Wood Pellets are now available at most hardware and home improvement stores. Simply pour the bags of pellets into your stove and relax and enjoy the amazing heat these stoves produce. Pellet Stoves look similar to wood stoves but have more complex internal components. Some of the wood pellet stoves can even burn a mixture of whole kernel corn if it is more available in your area. Hearth, Stove and Patio sells the top brands of pellet stoves like Hearth Stone, Timberwolf, St Croix and Napoleon. Our service area includes Athens, Ga, Blairsville, Ga, Seneca, SC, Franklin, NC and everywhere in between. Some of our Pellet Stoves qualify for free shipping anywhere in the US!