Renegade Clean-Face Direct-Vent Fireplace, 36 TruFlame Technology

by Hearth, Stove & Patio


  • Ceramic Glass: 28 3/8 H x 31 ¾ W
  • Venting: 5 x 8 Top Vent Only,12-in min. rise before horizontal (with conventional venting) See Power Venting and conventional DV kits.
  • Framing 51 1/2 H x 45 1/2 W x 22 1/2 D (see manual before framing)


  • Fine Mesh Barrier
  • Non-Combustible Board
  •  Multi-Function remote to control the Front and rear burner 6-step variable flame height Independent Rear burner on/off (70% turn down) Accent lighting on/off with 6-step dimming Optional Double Blower on/off with 6-speed settings
  • TruFlame Technology Catalyst allows large flame, extensive ember bed and clean burn


  • Liner
  • Log Set

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