Hybrid Chimney Liner

by Hearth Stove and Patio

The choices for stainless steel chimney liners are endless. At Hearth, Stove and Patio, we have narrowed it down to one single clear choice… Olympia’s Hybrid Liner System. The reason is simple, our Hybrid liners are better quality, easier to install and will perform better than any other chimney liner on the market… PERIOD!

Here are some reasons why…

Manufactured from heavy duty .010 stainless steel (compared to many other brands that use .005, its about twice the thickness!)

More flexible than other liners with no memory (dont worry about kinking or denting these liners, they wont!)

Smooth inner wall for better draft and easier cleaning (other brands may have deep corrugations that make creosote buildup impossible to remove)

Olympia’s Forever warranty covers all fuels, wood, gas and oil!

Our installers will only use Olympia’s Hybrid liner and we have tried many over the years.

Available in all sizes from 3″ to 12″ but 6″ and 8″ are most common.

Free shipping on all Hybrid Chimney Liner!


No memory, more flexible than other liners
Smooth interior for less turbulence and better draft
Manufactured from a .010 stainless steel thickness
Forever Warranty covered

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