Buck Stove Model 81 Wood Stove Insert

by Buck Stove

Buck Stove Model 81 Insert provides a rich dramatic focal point for a full view of the flames. The Buck Stove Model 81 insert is an outstanding choice for larger home heating requirements. This stove exceeds expectations in form and function. Standard features include durable non-catalytic technology, factory installed variable speed blower, ash removal tray and glass door with airwash system. The Buck Stove model 81 is available as a freestanding stove or as an insert for your masonry fireplace. The Buck Stove Model 81 insert has a heating capacity of 1600 to 2700 square feet.


STOVE DIMENSIONS: 23-7/16" H X 30-1/4" W X 25-3/4" D


Buck Stove 81 Insert 

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