Stove Lite Pro LED Lantern



Place the Tegpro’s Stove Lite Pro on your hot stove top, and within a minute or two it starts to emit light.

In addition to basic features, the Stove Lite Pro includes

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Mode select button
  • USB charging outlet

These Pro features increases the usage to year-round as well as add the ability to charge your smartphone and tablet.

The Stove Lite Pro uses a TEG power Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) that leverages the difference in temperature to create electricity.

In addition to heat for warmth, now your wood stove can also be used to run and charge a mobile light source, the Stove Lite Pro.

This high-tech lantern is elegant in appearance, adding visually to any room – designed for the hot surface of a wood stove top, it has a quiet and efficient cooling fan which circulates air through your room. Enjoy the warmth of your stove with the soft and surprisingly bright light provided by the Stove Lite.


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