Ventis specializes in clean burning, decorative, and high efficiency fireplaces. If you love the look of a fireplace but want the heat output typically produced by a wood stove, look no further than our Ventis line. Whether your main concern is heat output, traditional or modern design, luxurious feel, affordability, or being environmentally responsible, our line of Ventis fireplaces can meet any of these needs.
Wood Stoves Ventis HES170 Save 9%

Wood Stoves Ventis HES170


Description * Ventis HES170 is a substitute for Osburn 1700 ▪Medium size wood stove on pedestal▪Suitable for smaller spaces▪EPA certified at only ...

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Save 9%
Wood Stoves Ventis HES140 Save 13%

Wood Stoves Ventis HES140


Description * Ventis HES140 is a substitute for Osburn Model 950 ▪Small wood stove on pedestal▪EPA certified at only 1.8 g/h▪Solidity and manufact...

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Save 13%

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