Goldens' Cast Iron Kamado 14" Mini Cooker

by Goldens'

A smaller and more portable version of its big brother, this 14" cast iron mini-cooker grills, sears, smokes, roasts and bakes too! 


The Goldens' Cast Iron Mini-Cooker is offered as pictured and includes: a 14" Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker with a high-temperature weather-resistant black powder-coat finish. A full set of cast 14" iron grates and grate lift tool.


Be sure to include complete shipping address and phone number to assure accurate and prompt delivery. Once your cooker has been delivered, inspect it upon receipt. Your Cooker will ship in a Goldens’ Cast Iron box on a pallet. Do not accept delivery if your order is not in a box and/or if you see any damage on the exterior of the cooker.


User Manual



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